Better is a micro venture

Better is a micro venture firm that builds and invests in category-defining businesses which deliver value and are built on a scalable business model.

Better Capital

Our capital is better and we couldn’t tell you why or how as much as any of our founders could.

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Better Founders

Our founders display many common traits but if there’s one thing that stands out among them all, it is their mission-orientedness.

Better Labs

At our Labs, we turn ideas into products customers love & grow them into companies with a laser focus on profitability.


ReadyContacts delivers AI-powered sales & marketing data intelligence to turbo charge revenue pipelines for global customers.


PicBackMan is a backup assistant that removes used photo backup anxiety & is trusted by users in 130+ countries.


DataDoctor is a CRM data cleansing & enrichment assistant for marketers to turn data into their most powerful asset.

Better Stories

Stay tuned to our journey which starts when we build a product or invest in a founding team.

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Our mixers are curated invite-only casual evenings where magic happens and everyone leaves refreshed.

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